How To: Sony a5000 clean HDMI output

Are you looking into trying to do some streaming with your Sony a5000 Mirror camera using ElGato Cam Link? One of the problems of this camera is that it doesn't have a clean HDMI output, but with a little walkaround we can fix it.

What do you need:

Let's remove the OSD from HDMI output.


  • In Settings set USB mode to MTP
  • Connect Sony a5000 with USB
  • Run PMCA-GUI that you just downloaded
  • When GUI opens press "Get camera info" to make sure that the camera is connected. The window should display camera model and other info
  • Go to "Install App" tab
  • Make sure that "Select an app from the app list" is ticked
  • From the dropdown chose "OpenMemories: Tweak"
  • Press "Install selected app"
  • Tick "Select an apk"
  • Press "Open apk..."
  • Find "PMCA_CleanHDMI.apk" that you just downloaded
  • Press "Install selected app"
  • Disconnect the camera from the PC
  • In camera go to Menu -> Application List -> OpenMemories: Tweak -> Developer
  • Tick "Enable Telnet"
  • Press on "Wifi settings"
  • Press on "Access Point Set"
  • Choose your wifi and enter it's password
  • Go back to OpenMemories: Tweak -> Developer. Tick "Enable Wifi"
  • Wait till it connects. It will display IP address which you will need later.
  • Open a Terminal o Putty that you just downloaded
  • In Putty select telnet ad put in host the IP of the camera
  • If you use a normal terminal type  "telnet [ip] ". For example "telnet". Press "Enter".
  • Now copy these commands in terminal:

bk.elf r 0x01070a47
bk.elf w 0x01070a47 00
bk.elf r 0x01070a47
  • Press "Enter".
  • Take your camera. Select "Movie" mode
  • Insert HDMI cable. Now your Sony a5000 should have clean HDMI out with 1080p resolution!

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